Team Cheshire Cat
Shane Murphy

Shane is super duper stoked to be the ringleader of Team Cheshire Cat! I’m from just down the road in Knoxville, TN and this year will be his 10th Bonnaroo and 4th Reddaroo. He especially loves the unique combination of a welcoming community and amazing music on the Farm – he can’t wait to rage with all you maniacs!

The iconic Cheshire Cat is known for its distinctive, mischievous grin that remains behind when the cat disappears. In that same spirit, Team Cheshire Cat will concentrate on LEAVING BEHIND SMILES.

If you’re into radiant joy, hilarious costumes, light-hearted pranks, groan inducing jokes, and contagious positivity, then Cheshire Cat is the Team for you! Together, you’ll make this year’s Reddaroo truly spectacular and leave laughter and smiles on the faces and in the hearts of friends, strangers, and yourselves!

Team Mad Hatter
Jeremy Kennedy

Jeremy Kennedy is your Canadian leader of Team Mad Hatter. He’s a huge sports buff whose music fandom is evidenced by his attendance at over twenty music festivals. When he’s not absorbing music and sports you can find him kicking around America’s hat with his doberman, Trigger.

Team Mad Hatter is all about it’s the eccentricities and asking “Why not?!” The sky’s the limit and Jeremy’s just the guy to lead you there. As part of this team you can take up the lead as gracious hosts about Camp Reddaroo. Always ready to share a cup of tea with your neighbor or puzzle your friends with a riddle – this is the Croo for you.

Wherever you find yourself throughout the festival, let your weird flag fly as an ambassador for Team Mad Hatter. Grab a drink and be ready to remind everyone you meet – it’s 6 o’clock somewhere.

Team Queen of Hearts
Ashton Levier

Ashton will be zooming in from far away Salt Lake City for her 8th Bonnaroo, 7th with the Farmily at Camp Reddaroo. If you can’t find her check the a random hammock in the geodome or just follow the flashing lights and glitter!

As the team leader for Team Queen of Hearts her desire is to encourage her team to make rash decisions with beautiful outcomes. Take the time to brighten someone’s day in your own way. “Off with their heads!” is the battle cry of this team, but that’s not such a bad thing! Take the time to blow someone’s mind with a random act of kindness, you won’t regret it.

Team Queen of Hearts will be stewards of friendship, decision makers who take the lead to pick up a bit of trash, encourage an extra shot to be had, givers of good vibes, and regal beacons of fun. If you’re the rowdy bunch, bring the party to Team Queen of Hearts!

Team White Rabbit
Andrea Bowden

Oh, my ears and whiskers, how few days we have left to wait!

Andrea is a crafty, prior military spouse who always seems to be on the move! She’s currently, trying to settle down in suburban Chicago area before heading out for her 6th Reddaroo. She couldn’t be more thrilled to be amongst such a diverse Farm family. Bonnaroo is her fave festival in the land and she only hopes the nonsense becomes as dear to you if you haven’t already been sucked Down the Rabbit Hole! Time flies when you’re having fun!

Wondering if you’re suited for Team White Rabbit? Do you have the desire to make things possible?! Is creating memories your thing? Can you manage six impossible things before breakfast? Become a Do’er; stay hell bent on crossing off those bucket list items and experience them together.

If you’re running around, but still having trouble making it anywhere on time, just muster the energy of your best hot mess! To those who have had too many vials marked “Drink Me”, your effort will not go unnoticed, not even by the most red, glassy-eyed among us!

If you’re a late night friend of the owl, a schedule planner, a playlist builder, a setlist sponge, or even a rail rider you’ll be in fantastic cump’ny! Rabs will likely know quite a lot about the ins-and-outs of camp life, the getting where needs to be gone, but always listening to learn and follow each other too. Roo’bies don’t need be shy to ask what’s good around Reddaroo! Team White Rabbit is for those who want to smoke a monster out!