Welcome to the Reddaroo Craft Beer Exchange

Bonnaroo’s biggest and longest running beer exchange!

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Each year on Bonnaroo Friday, Camp Reddaroo hosts the one and only Reddaroo Craft Beer Exchange. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Bonnaroo attendees get together to exchange (and drink) beer. 

What: You bring your favorite craft beer to trade with other Bonnaroovians for their favorites.
When: Bonnaroo Friday, 11:00am – 1:00pm (Lunch is provided, around noon)
Where: Groop Camping, Plaza 7 in Camp Reddaroo (which is always at the front of groop camping). This is just past The Ville and The Grove.
Why: Because beer is awesome and so are you so let’s be awesome together

How to Trade

Each year we switch things up a little, but the general gist stays the same. In the past we did the “pile” method where everyone just dropped their beers off and picked up new ones. As the exchange has grown, it’s become less effective.

Going forward, we encourage everyone to do a direct trade. Bring your beer and think of a cool way to let everyone know what you’ve got. Wander around, see what people have and make an offer they can’t refuse. Bringing good beer will give you a better chance of getting good beer. If it’s one of your favorites but no one knows what it is, be ready to sell them on it!

Epic Traders: We have a number of people we call the Epic Traders who bring multiple cases to trade with everyone. We will have a limited number of first-come first-serve tables setup with coolers in which they can setup a station to help them trade. Please only use these stations if you actually have so much beer to trade that it’s not realistic for you to show everyone what you have otherwise.

Beer Orphanage: There’s always a few beers that can’t find any love. If you have anything you can’t trade, don’t want or just want to donate to a thirsty Bonnaroovian, we’ll have a tree-lined kiddie pool full of ice that will house and shelter that little beer until someone comes along with the loving embrace of a koozie and promise of a new home.

The Rules

Bonnaroo is pretty much controlled chaos and the more we try to control it, the less control we will have. So we have some official rules to keep the order, and other guidelines that have stemmed from questions asked over the years. 

Trade Amount: The suggested amount is a 6 pack or more. Fewer is ok, but don’t be a dick. If you want to bring a 6 pack and your buddy comes along to hang out with you, we’re cool with that and we’ll be happy to feed both of you.. If you bring 2 beers and 5 of your friends…that’s pushing it. Tl;dr, don’t abuse our generosity. The bouncer can read minds.

1:1 Suggested Trade (no matter what size): Why? It’s just easier that way. Now sure if you bring a crowler maybe someone should offer a couple beers, but there isn’t an official trading guide. There’s no way for me to to say “well if you bring 3 tall boys and 4 shorties you can get 9 shorties or 7 shorties and a tall boy…”. Just be fair. If we find out someone is trying to scam extra beers from people by claiming they have a whale, we will kick you out. Bring good beers, get good beers, find good karma. When you crack open your new favorite IPA amongst all those beer nerds and it lights up your soul, you won’t be counting ounces. 

Wristbands: These will be handed out at the “front” which is a place TBD whenever we decide where we’re setting it up. The wristband is for food, for us keeping a general count of how many people showed up.

What to trade:
Avoid macros and anything that’s nationally distributed.  Examples of these beers include Sam Adams Boston Lager, Angry Orchard, Blue Moon, Leinenkugel (particularly Summer Shandy, you can buy that in Centeroo). That’s not to say they aren’t awesome beers, but if everyone can get them, they probably won’t be willing to trade. Some thing goes for beers such as Old Style, Lone Star and Yuengling. You might find some takers, but if all you bring is a case of Old Style you might end up leaving with a case of Old Style.

Some people ask what styles, and I say anything. People may be more likely to trade for a more summery beer to drink that weekend, others are looking to take some home. 

If you’re not as well-versed in beer that’s ok! However it’s in your own best interest to do a little research. If you’d like some advice, hit me up and we can discuss the finer points of beer from your neck of the woods.

Other Cool Stuff

Prizes! In addition to trading beers, many breweries, businesses and breweries donate some cool stuff. We do giveaways throughout the exchange, so listen to the emcee for more info!

Lunch! Reddaroo provides lunch to its members each day, and on Beer Exchange Friday we extend the love to anyone participating in the exchange. Nothing tastes better than a free hotdog after you’ve been sitting in the sun drinking 7% abv IPAs for 3 hours.

Merch! Each year we design a cool koozie to help keep your beer cold. We print them at our cost and ask that you make a nominal $1 donation to help cover said cost. Sometimes we have other items available on site as well (such as slap bracelets or cups) as other merch available for pre-sale in the Reddaroo store. Announcements will be made as things start to shape up for this year!

The DJ! Barragoon will return with Emcee KBar to keep you entertained while they hand out awesome prizes.

Safety, Consent and Responsible Drinking

You are in charge of your beer, your belongings and yourself. It’s easy to over-indulge and we encourage responsible drinking for everyone’s safety. Make sure you have enough wits about you to keep an eye on your stuff regardless how much you’ve had to drink. We all want to believe that everyone at Bonnaroo is an upstanding festival citizen, but there are some unscrupulous assholes out there who might take advantage of someone who’s a little too tipsy to pay attention. Bring a friend and/or a wagon to help if you have a lot of beer to trade. 

That being said, Camp Reddaroo aims to promote safety and consent. This is true 100% of the time and while many people cause no issues, we all know that drinking and bad decisions go hand in hand. We’ve not had any issues in the past that I’m aware of, and we want to keep it that way. This important issue concerns everyone and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention it.

Be mindful of your actions. Be aware of your surroundings. Watch out for yourself, but also for others. If you see something, say something. 

Check out OurMusicMyBody for information and resources on consent. If you have any questions of concerns in advance, email me at beerexchange@reddaroo.com. If you need help during the event, find me (the Beer Czar) or one of the other Reddaroo Leaders.