All You Need to Know About Camp Reddaroo

We’re so excited to see everyone in just a few short days! To help you prepare, we’ve collected some of the most useful information for campers in one place.

The MonkeyBar

The MonkeyBar is Camp Reddaroo’s full-service crowd-sourced bar. You can find your favorite barkeep, Dave Iglar, there slinging drinks all weekend long. In addition, there will be musical acts, plenty of games, and the rest of the camp sliding through those saloon doors all Bonnaroo long.

Community Info

At the MonkeyBar you’ll find whiteboards where we’ll be posting what shows we’ll be attending as a group and also times that we’ll be meeting up and walking in together – you’ll always have a buddy! We’ll also have maps of our Centeroo meet up spots in case you want to catch up with us later.

The Party Tent

Party central is appropriately located in The Party Tent! From weddings, to late night raves, we’ve hosted some of our best events within it’s shady, white walls. If you’re looking for a chill spot to relax swing by and see who’s hanging out – no matter how early or late it is.

The Geodome

BYOH – Bring Your Own Hammock! The Geodome will be around all weekend for all your breezy napping needs. If you have an extra tarp to throw up for shade, it’ll be much appreciated it! When the TN sun starts beating down on your tent in the morning, the Geodome is a welcome escape.

Reddaroo Centeroo Meetup Spots

When you’re inside Centeroo and want to meet up with the Croo, remember two words: Back, Left! At every stage besides The Which Stage, we are to the back of the crowd and to the left. Take a look at the images below to get some visual landmarks. If you don’t have a reference point to get anything meaningful out of the images, don’t worry – we’ll be leading a daily walk-in to Centeroo for all who want to walk in and see our locations with their own two eyes.

The What Stage

When you enter the main stage area make your way as far to the left side of the stage as possible. We are directly in front of the private, fenced VIP area on the hill

The Which Stage

To the left, back area of the Which Stage there is a group of trees. If you are facing the stage, go to the left side of the trees, you’ll find your friends!

The Other Tent

At the back of The Other Tent you’ll find the Oasis – a chill spot for volleyball and other fun shenanigans. There’s a tree there where you’ll find us dancing in the shade.

This Tent & That Tent

Find the left, back pole of the tent. When you’re facing the stage, find the leftmost test pole furthest away from the stage, you’ll find us!

Helpful graphics

Now that you know where to find us, what’ll we be up to? Glad you asked!

Camp Schedule

Wallpapers with Daily Schedule



Pre-Party w/ Roobus


Reddaroo Craft Beer Exchange

Reddaroo Craft Beer Exchange Event

Reddaroo Craft Beer Exchange

Groop Photo

Every year a photographer from Bonnaroo comes down to take out official photo. If you want to be a part of this awesome keepsake join us at 1pm on Sunday

Closeout Party



Downgrade your network to lower cell service tower

Your smart phone has settings to choose which type of cellular service you’re accessing. Most people will struggle with trying to get standard 4G service. However, if you switch your connection to a lower cell tower, like 3G, you won’t have much trouble texting, calling, or using your favorite social media apps.

Stay dry, bring warm socks, gloves, rain boots

Humidity sucks in the heat. It also sucks in the cold. Be sure to stay dry (sit on a towel or blanket instead of the damp grass), and pack in socks, gloves, a hoodie, and a pair of leggings to throw on at night. Being cold and damp is the worst. It’ll also be cold in the early AM hours and something warm to sleep in will make the quality of your sleep so much better!

Clean porta-potty times

Oh the sweet, sweet siren song of the shit trucks. Bonnaroo does a great job keeping the porta-potties in the camp grounds in good condition. They are cleaned on a cycle every 4ish hours. Early morning, 7-8am, is a glorious time to snatch a freshly cleaned porta-potty. You’ll hear them drive into camp and that’s your sign to grab your toilet supplies and have no wait to do your do.

Porta-potty packs (pre-torn TP, baby wipes)

Speaking of the toilet. Pro-tip, every day before going into centeroo refresh your toilet bag! This is mostly for the ladies, but is great advice for the guys too. Take a ziploc bag and fill it with pre-torn sections of TP, tampons, pads, baby wipes, and anything else you may need. There’s no worse feeling than frantically realising there’s no TP after you’ve used the bathroom. Pre tearing into the right amount means no fiddling around with crappy 1-ply toilet paper. Also, you won’t have to use the crappy 1-ply!

Shower happy hour

Every pod has AWESOME showers. They’re usually $10, but during Happy Hour, 2-6PM and 10PM – 2AM, they’re just $5. 4-5PM is the best time to shower. The sun will have started to set and the campgrounds are cooling off. Taking a shower in the morning and middle of the day is a waste as you’ll be sweating again in an hour.