When you arrive to Manchester, make your way to the West Tollbooth. You can enter through any tollbooth to get to Groop Camping, but the West Tollbooth is closest and the least hassle

Directions to the West Tollbooth

Making it to Groop Camping

  • Make sure you have your hang tag hanging from your mirror
  • At the tollbooth there will be a special lane for Groop Camping hang tags
  • When you make it to the checkpoint you will be asked to exit your car with your essentials (phone, wallet, purse) while your car is inspected
  • Most inspections are cursory glances where they make sure you don’t have glass containers, fireworks, or switchblades
  • When the inspection is complete you’ll be directed to turn towards Groop Camping, lovely volunteers will flag you there
  • After arriving at Groop Camping a staff member will ask you what groop you belong to and check you in
  • Camp Reddaroo is always the first Groop Camp on the right

Setting up at Camp Reddaroo

Yellow – MonkeyBarPurple – Party TentGrey – Geodome

A Camp Reddaroo Groop Leader’s camp will be at one of the inside four corners

  • When you arrive at camp you’ll see our giant white wedding party tent
  • Treat it like a drive thru – we’ll be there to check you in and give you your welcome goodies and direct you where to park
  • There are fire lanes painted on the ground with white paint that divide our camp into two groups, park with your entire car in the inside edge of these lines, if you overhang lovely security officers on horses will make you move your vehicle within the lines which is a huge hassle to do hours later
  • If you’ll be arriving throughout the night, at some point we’ll sleep (maybe???)
  • If there isn’t a Camp Reddaroo leader there to direct you: PARK HEADLIGHTS FACING INWARDS in the next empty spot – we ask you to do this to avoid cars exhausting towards tent
    • ​If you plan on having your truck or SUV open towards your tent we’ll have an area for those campers
    • Park as close as possible to the car next to you while still being able to open doors
  • Please be courteous to other campers and be mindful of the limited space we receive – park as close as possible to the car next to you while still being able to open car doors
  • Talk to your neighbors! Join forces, make EZ-UP living rooms! The great thing about Groop Camping is everything within the boundaries is ours, so if everyone shares we end up with more room