We only had two entries for the label art contest but fortunately they were both fantastic! After reviewing with Pontoon, they chose the winner based on which one would print better on the labels.

Check out the entries below! We’ll also have stickers and some special limited edition koozies printed with each of the labels on them. We’ll give away some at the beer exchange and the rest will be available in the Broo’ers Festival from Pontoon Brewing, so check them out early for a chance to grab one!

First off, the winning name…

The most popular name in the contest was… “Curious Cuppa Tea-Chno” submitted by Andrea “Hot Mess” Bowden of Camp Reddaroo!

The final name on the can that was used is actually the original name from the winning label that was used as a placeholder, “Mad Tea Party”. The brewery liked that one a lot and given that it fits on the label better, they’ve opted to go with Mad Tea Party, but Andrea’s entry is a winner in the hearts of Camp Reddaroo (also because she submitted I think 11 of the 20 entries and her total votes surpassed everyone by a long shot, thanks Andrea for your dedication to puns and cute names!)

First runner up in the Label Art Contest…

Daniel Horton of Roo Bus!

In addition to submitting his art for the contest, Daniel and Sharla of Roo Bus are working with Camp Reddaroo to help raise money for Children’s of Alabama, the hospital that saved their niece after a devastating car accident. All of the proceeds donated during the beer exchange this year will go towards this charity. Click here to donate now!

And the winning label art submission…

Danyelle Sage of Camp Reddaroo!

UPDATED with the final official label!

A big thanks…

To everyone who entered the contests and to our friends at Pontoon Brewing for being so awesome. Look for the beer at the beer exchange and in the Broo’ers Festival this year at Bonnaroo!