Reddaroo Craft Beer Exchange

Beer lovers and Bonnaroovians are from all over the world. What better way to celebrate beer and diversity than a beer swap!

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What: You bring your favorite cans of craft beer and trade them for other beers from all over the country (and world!).
When: Bonnaroo Friday, 11:00am – 1:00pm, Lunch will be noonish.
Groop Camping/Pod 7, Camp Reddaroo (right in the front near The Grove)
Why: Because beer is awesome and so are you so let’s be awesome together.
Who: Hosted by Camp Reddaroo, but is open to anyone who wants to join so bring your friends and invite your neighbors!

How it works


RULE 1: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN BEER By attending the beer exchange you are accepting responsibility for your own belongings. If you’re old enough to drink, you’re old enough to watch your own stuff.

RULE 2:  USING RARE BEERS TO GOUGE OTHERS FOR EXCESSIVE TRADES IS PROHIBITED If it’s easy for you to get and hard for someone else, be kind and give them a treat. What you trade for is at your own discretion, but we strongly recommend 1:1 trades for everything. If you feel like someone is trying to scam people with excessive trade (or if you see any other shenanigans) please report it to the organizers immediately!


When You Arrive

Please be sure to come through one of the entrances. The tentative plan is to have a “front” entrance by the road and a “back” entrance somewhere on the grove side. Each entrance will have wristbands for your lunches, rules/bingo cards that explain what’s going on and possibly other freebies (we’re currently working on beer and maybe a lovely gift similar to the silicone wristbands from last year).

How do I trade?

Trading is done directly between two beer owners. Just walk around and trade beer! If possible, have a way to display what you have available. If you need a marker to write something on the inside of a beer carton, we may have some available at the front to borrow or you can probably find someone with a marker if you ask around.

For those people with LARGE QUANTITIES of beer, we will have shaded tables available with coolers of ice on them. These are only available to people with an unwieldy amount of beer, on a first-come, first-serve basis at the organizers’ discretion. If you feel that you need a table, please speak to an organizer for assistance.

We will provide some coolers, ice and shade and will try to chill as much beer as we can and shade as many traders as we can, but no guarantees!

If you have your own cooler, wagon, shade, etc. you’re welcome to bring it in and set up your own little area! In fact, this is encouraged! If you can do this, it will leave more space for those who can’t.

What can I trade?

Any craft beer including canned ciders and meads! It’s recommend that you avoid nationally distributed beers. Even if they’re awesome, people probably won’t want to trade for them if they’re easy to get.

How much should I trade?

We recommend you bring at least a 6 pack to trade, but it’s up to you.

What time is lunch?

Noonish depending how late the Reddaroo Kitchen was up raging on Thursday. You must have a wristband to get food (you’ll get them at the entrances). Guests of traders may be allowed lunch at the discretion of whoever is giving out the wristbands.

Other Stuff

In addition to the exchange itself, Camp Reddaroo provides some additional amenities!

Prizes! In addition to trading beers, we’ll also have prizes to giveaway! In the past we’ve done a raffle, but it’s difficult to do that given the nature of the event so this year we’ll do some fun contests throughout the morning where we’ll be giving away donations from various sponsors. We’ll gladly take donations of prizes so if your hometown brewery wants to throw a couple t-shirts our way just let us know!

LUNCH! Reddaroo provides lunch to its members each day, and on Beer Exchange Friday, Jay extends the love to anyone participating in the exchange. Nothing tastes better than a free hotdog after you’ve been sitting in the sun drinking 7% abv IPAs for 3 hours.

Koozies! Each year we make koozies withe the logo on them and provide them for a suggested donation of $1, basically just enough to cover the cost of printing them. Any donations that go above and beyond the price of the koozies is used to purchase ice, coolers and other supplier. Koozies will be available at the front where you pick up your wristbands for lunch.

Music! Each year Reddaroo provides music. Guest musicians are welcome and as always we’ll have Barragoon laying down some good drinkin’ tunes.

If you have any questions or ideas, please contact us at the email below or via social media.

Carrie Garcia, The Beer Czar: [email protected]

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