Reddaroo Craft Beer Exchange

Beer lovers are everywhere and Bonnaroovians are from all over the world. What better way to celebrate beer and diversity than a beer swap! The short version is you bring your favorite local beers (in cans of course!) and trade with other people. This is hosted by Camp Reddaroo (in Groop Camping, Pod 7) but is open to anyone who wants to join.

If your company is interested in sponsorship opportunities (particularly donating prizes to the raffle) please read this!

What: You bring your favorite cans of craft beer and trade them for other beers from all over the country (and world!).
When: Bonnaroo Friday, 10:30am – 12:00pm, Raffle is at 11:30am, Lunch will be noonish
Groop Camping/Pod 7, Camp Reddaroo (right in the front)
Why: Because beer is awesome and so are you so let’s be awesome together

In addition to the exchange itself, Camp Reddaroo provides some additional amenities!

The Raffle! In addition to trading beers, we’ll also have the raffle! I’m already working with breweries to get some awesome prizes and we’ll gladly take donations of prizes so if your hometown brewery wants to throw a couple t-shirts our way just let me know!

LUNCH! Reddaroo provides lunch to its members each day, and on Beer Exchange Friday, Jay extends the love to anyone participating in the exchange. Nothing tastes better than a free hotdog after you’ve been sitting in the sun drinking 7% abv IPAs for 3 hours.

Koozies! Each year we make koozies withe the logo on them and provide them for a suggested donation of $1, basically just enough to cover the cost of printing them. Any donations that go above and beyond the price of the koozies is used to purchase ice, coolers and other supplier.

The Music! Each year Reddaroo provides music in the form of either a DJ or a band who volunteers to play for the beer exchange.

Coolers: We have shallow, inflatable coolers and kiddie pools that will be filled with ice. If you can bring your beer cold then by all means do so, but if you can’t, we’ll chill as much as possible to allow for drinking during the event.

Categories: NEW! Each cooler will have a sign designating a beer style (IPA/DIPA, Stouts and porters, etc). We ask that you place your beer i nthe appropriate category and also correct beers that are in the wrong category whenever possible. This will hopefully help people filter better. i.e. you hate IPAs and that’s all you can fucking find! Now you can just skip that area.

Epic Traders Area: NEW! If you bring a fuck ton of beer (I’m thinking 2+ cases but it’s not set in stone), please read! We’ll be doing advanced registration for the epic trader area. Basically, a place where you can set up your beer and people come to you! It’s difficult to throw 40 beers into a pile and get 40 back, so if you’re one of our super awesome key contributors please email [email protected] with your name, from whence you hail and approximately how much beer you’ll be bringing and we can discuss your application. This is new so the concept is in flux, please let me know if you have any ideas.

The Rules:
I try not to have too many rules because I don’t want this to feel constricted. I’m shooting for controlled chaos here. However a few rules have developed from the questions that people ask most often and here they are…

Trade Amount: The suggested amount is a 6 pack or more. Fewer is ok, but come with the right attitude. If you and your girlfriend come with a 6 pack, we’ll gladly feed both of you. If you bring 2 beers and 5 of your friends…that’s pushing it. Tl;dr, don’t abuse our generosity. The ticket guy can read minds.

1:1 Trade (no matter what size): Why? It’s just easier for me that way. There’s literally no way for me to to say “well if you bring 3 tall boys and 4 shorties you can get 9 shorties or 7 shorties and a tall boy…” Yeah. Just no. Bring good beers, get good beers, get good karma. When you crack open your new favorite IPA amongst all those beer nerds and it lights up your soul, you won’t be counting ounces.

Wristbands and Raffle tickets: These will be handed out at the “front” which is a place TBD whenever we decide where we’re setting it up. Wristband is for food, raffle ticket is for prizes.
The Raffle starts at 11:30 **SHARP!**  Last call will be at 11:15, tickets stop going out at 11:25 and the numbers are drawn at 11:30.

What you can’t trade:
Obviously it’s a craft beer exchange so no macros.
Also, as much as you might like them, please do not bring anything that is nationally distributed. If it’s easy for everyone to get, it defeats the purpose. Please use your best judgement. Examples of these beers include Sam Adams Boston Lager, Angry Orchard, Blue Moon, Leinenkugel Summer Shandy (you can buy that in Centeroo!).

What you can trade:
Craft beer (duh). A lot of people ask what they should bring…seriously anything. There are so many people here, someone will pick up that lovely IPA, that toasty brown ale or that dark, stormy porter and find a delicious new surprise.

Non-Craft Regional Delights: Yuengling, Old Style and Lone Star
Everyone’s favorites when they don’t live in the area. These beers are generally cheap, but hard to find outside their region. Given the price and the difficulty of translating them into “You can trade X # of Old Styles for 1 craft beer” they’ll be done on a donation only. You’re welcome to bring some and drop them off as a donation. People are welcome to snag some for free just don’t be greedy. Any extras that are leftover will be donated to the kitchen staff (it’s hot in there, they most likely could use a nice cold Yuengling)

If you have any questions or ideas, please contact me at the email below or via social media.

Carrie Garcia
[email protected]

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