READY TO ROO!! Tales From A 2015 “ROOBIE.”

Ok, You have your ticket, the line up has dropped, you have 3 months until you head out on an adventure that will change your life forever. Last time we talked a little about supplies. One of the biggest Roobie mistakes that is often seen is over packing. Last year, If you saw my pack, you would have thought that I was going on a vacation fit for time on Gilligan’s Island. I thought that I would be prepared for all situations, but in all reality I was just over packed and taking up room. What should you bring supplies wise? Bring 4 days worth of clothes. I would not bring anymore than that unless you are bringing costumes etc. ┬áRemember that Manchester TN in June is very HOT during the day, HOT in the evening, and Hot during the night. It does cool a little bit during the night but as the sun starts to Rise it turns back into a sauna. Its very humid and you will fill very sticky if you are not used to that type of weather. The type of clothes that you will want are tshirts, tank tops, bathing suits, and shorts. Bring extra socks and underwear. BRING GOLD BOND! This will be a life saver!

You will be camping for 4-5 nights. As mentioned last E-Z up will keep you from baking when the sun rises at 6:30am. Tapestries are also a great idea to hang down the sides of your EZ up as well as swag out your area.