Ready to ROO!! Tales from a 2015 “ROObie.”

It’s almost time for the Bonnaroo 2016 lineup drop!!! With that being said it’s time to start preparing for another amazing year in Camp Reddaroo! 2015 was my first year with Reddaroo and the only words that can describe it is “Lifechanging!” A few things that I learnd from 2015, was how to survive a crazy 4 day festival. If this is your first year joining us, lets take a min to go over some basic tips on how to survive your first gROOp experience. Over the next few months I am going to do a series of “Ready to ROO” articles to better prepare you for gROOp camping with Reddaroo!

With the lineup drop iminent, its time to buy tickets and start your preparing for the best summer of of your life!

The biggest thing that I learned was bring comfortable shoes! Don’t buy some new kicks to be fashonable and not break them in! Trust me your puppies will be howling by the ending of raging friday night!!! Find some comfortable kicks that you dont mind getting dirty ( Roo is very dusty and around the fill stations very muddy). I recommend Tevas for the hot days! Bring a few different pairs just in case you need to change it up!

BE A BUDDY! Your going to go hard for 4 days! Be there for each other!! Dont ROO alone….ROO with others! Keep each other hydrated and make sure your buddy is snacking and resting in the shade when you get a few mins between shows! There is so much to do and see during the weekend…I promise that being passed out in the medical tent, you’re going to miss it all!

Camelbacks are the best option to stay hydrated and will also cut down on your time at fill stations. Walmart, Amazon, and other retailers have some good sales before the summer begins. I saw a camelback at KMART last week for 19.99. Start stocking up on snacks! Cliffbars, trail mix without the chocolate (it melts!) and crackers got me through last year. You will want snacks in your pack during the day! I brought mondos and gatorade to replenish as well. Get some gatorade packets to dump into a bottle of water!!!

Start looking for Eazy-Ups! These are a must at your camp! The Tennessee sun will bake you like crispy bacon before 7am! Get 2, 1 for your chill area and a second to cover your tent. You will make great friends with shade especially in camp!

Start prepping now and buying your gear. Focus on Easy-ups, Tents, and SHOES! Dont forget to buy your tickets when they drop at noon on January 22nd!

Until next time..take care of yourselves and each other~(yea i just ripped that off from Jerry Springer)