Reddaroo FAQ
Q – Who are you guys, anyway?
We’re just a group of Bonnaroovians who believe in community and spreading the positive vibes forward 🙂. We’re an intentional temporary creative community, and we borrow a lot of our principles from the Burning Man ideals and principles.
Q – Where is Camp Reddaroo located?
Camp Reddaroo is part of group camping, located in Plaza (formerly Pod) 7. When you enter group camping, there is a sign at the entrance with more specific details about where exactly you can find us within the plaza!
Q – What’s near Groop Camping / Plaza (formerly Pod) 7? Do you have bathrooms and showers close by?
Plaza (formerly Pod) 7 is located directly next to:
– The Grove (a nice wooded area with lots of shade, and where many people go to chill on their hammocks)
– Showers (you’ll have to pay ~$7 dollars per shower, but they have a half-price happy hour times!)
– Food Booths + Trucks (it’s always great to have food close-by for the late-night munchies!)
– The Grind (coffee shop with some live music shows)
– 2 bathroom options: Port-a-potties and flushable semi-permanent bathrooms
Q – What are the perks of joining Camp Reddaroo?
There are two sides to the perks you get with joining our camp!
Overall group camping perks:
– Know in advance where you’ll be during Bonnaroo!
– Guaranteed to be a 10-minute walk away from Centeroo! The closest entrance to us is the Ferris Wheel/The Other
– No worrying about what time you need to make it to Bonnaroo! Although we suggest getting there as early as you can to join in on the Wednesday night festivities and shenanigans, you don’t need to worry like you would with GA camping about not being in a prime location
Reddaroo camping perks:
– Hammock Dome for the minimalistic traveler
– Hot lunches cooked by our professional campers 🙂
– Epic camp parties in the party tent
– Monkey Bar (NEW THIS YEAR!)
– Annual Craft Beer Exchange
– Fun games, contests, and events all Roo long!
– Amazing built-in community of people who wanna spread the positive vibes to the max 🙂
Q – What are the events, and how do I participate / be part of running them?
We run lots of new and old events each Roo! Traditional giant events like the Reddaroo Craft Beer Exchange (held Friday around 11 am) have associated FB groups and public figures you can reach out to for more details about how to get involved. New events will be announced as soon as organizers have finished ironing out the details, but just make sure to keep a look-out for any updates on the Camp Reddaroo social media pages!
If you’re a DJ/Live Act wanting to play at one of our parties, reach out to our social media accounts with a link to your soundcloud or youtube and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!
Q – How many people are there in camp? Does the camp feel crowded, will I be able to meet new people?
We are the largest group camp at Bonnaroo, with over 300 campers registered this year! Although that is a huge number, and we do need several helpful group leaders to help around the camp, the vibes in our lil patch of land are that of a tight-knit family. Bonnaroo works with us to make sure that we (and that all groops) get a good amount of space!
The great thing about Reddaroo is knowing that EVERYONE camping in those two to three rows are ALL in your camp! You can walk up to any group and introduce yourself as part of the clan 🙂 People camp at Reddaroo particularly for this family (or farmily :P) atmosphere. This year, in particular, we are taking extra care to make it easy to find people to hang out with and that will be able to introduce you to the Reddaroo community. Team Leaders will have balloons at their campsite, and we’ll be giving identifiers to particularly social Reddaroo vets.
Q – How do I join Camp Reddaroo?
Join our FB group, and follow us on social media to get alerts about our camp! We have a loyalty program for returning campers around the Bonnaroo pre-sale time (normally Black Friday). We then open camper registration around the time of Bonnaroo regular sale (Early January). We sold out in 5 days this year (!!!), but keep a lookout on our FB page for campers who need to sell their passes due to Life Happening
Q – What’s the full process of signing up? How much money do I need to pay?
Step 1)
Usually, there’s a link here to register, but our registration is closed earlier than expected. So keep a lookout on our FB page for campers who need to sell their passes due to Life Happening
Step 2)
Send $20 USD via PayPal as a friend and family transfer to [email protected]
Your PayPal payment receipt will be your confirmation. No additional email will be sent.
If paying for multiple campers please add their names to the note section.
Step 3)
Complete $50 per camper payment to Bonnaroo for groop camp admission (this requires a wristband but can wait until May 4th as long as steps 1 and 2 are complete)
For Loyalty program participants who’ve registered and paid you need only complete step 3 by May 4th. If you’ve registered but have not sent your dues please do so soon to reserve your spot.
Q – What do you guys do with the $20 due? Where does my $50 groop fee go?
We charge 20 dollars to help with the expenses of running such a large camp + the perks that we provide! Not only do we specialize in bringing in small groups or solo travelers, but we also try and provide a lot of perks and amenities at our camp itself. We serve hot lunches, have a welcome bag, and some of the money also go into infrastructure (like the party tent, getting dj equipment, etc).
The 50 bucks you pay to groop goes directly to Bonnaroo, while the 20 dollars we ask to join our camp is to provide an epic community 🙂