Camp Reddaroo 2018 Theme Announcement!!!!

Theme: Reddaroo in the Jungle Teams + Captains: Team Lion King – Kyle Gunderson Kevin Barnes Team Jungle Book – Katielynn Weaver Andrea Bowden Team Jumanji – Andrew FigPope Stephanie FigPope Team Jurassic Park – Sarah Vaughan Mitchell Padgett NEW WAY TO EARN YOUR TEAM POINTS!!! – drinking a shot/shotgunning a beer (1 point) – dressing up in a themed costume (2 points) […]

Camping in Style: Essentials to the Best Festival Setup

There are quite a few things that I’ve learned from music festival camping. I am somewhat still an amateur festival goer having attended four music festivals. But one thing is for sure: having a comfortable and functional camp is crucial to my enjoyment! Each new festival brings forth new ideas (both original and borrowed). I […]

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