Bonnaroo Bearings: No need to bust out the Compass

You are driving 5 mph…you have been waiting in line for hours…the Spotify playlist is blasting from your favorite artist, your crew is talking loudly about who they want to see.. the sun on your face…the smell of fresh cut grass in your nose and the sound of hand smacking and yelling as the crew working the Toll Booths welcome you HOME to the FARM! You have arrived at your Destination…BONNAROO 2K17!

Now that you have arrived, you will be directed to the Groop camping area and you will be welcomed by our wonderful welcoming committee where you will be directed on where to park and put up your home for the next 4 days!

Now that you are on the farm…after getting your camp set up…We encourage you to get your bearings..especially if it is your first year. Where are the nearest Tacos….I mean Hydration Stations. Where are the nearest bathrooms, showers, first aid stations? These are all important to find as soon as you are on the farm. Tacos are prolly the 1st Priority.

In Groop, We are very close to Centeroo (about a 7 min walk)

Centeroo has 2 entrances. There is the Arch entrance and the other entrance that is a direct shot from Groop, through RV camping next to the Bonnaroo Tower. We call this the ‘Tower Entrance.”

The new permanent bathrooms are next to the Tower Entrance along with hydration stations as you walk into Centeroo.

While the line through the “Tower Entrance” may be the shortest line most times of the day, The Arch Line is Famous for is High FIVE LINE…Especially on HIGH FIVE FRIDAY! Don’t Miss this Tradition!

On Weds night, we like to have a walk to Shakedown Street for street vendors and just meet people as we walk through GA camping.

There is so much to explore on the farm! You just have to find the way there!

Bonnaroo is about adventuring outside of the stages..step outside your comfort zone and find your Bonnaroo Bearings and have the time of your life!