About Camp Reddaroo

reddaroo_2014 Camp Reddaroo is a group of friends who participate in the Bonnaroo Groop Camping program every June in beautiful Manchester, TN. We began our journey in 2012 as a group formed on /r/bonnaroo, and had such a great time that we’ve come back every year since!

We have had hundreds of groopies over the past few years from all over the world– from California to Finland and everywhere in between. All of us share a common goal: to help radiate positivity and have a great time doing it, during our vacation from reality every June at Bonnaroo.

Annual Craft Beer Exchange

craft_beer_exchangeIn 2014, Camp Reddaroo began a new tradition called The Craft Beer Exchange, which usually happens mid-day on Saturday. We invite everyone (even non-groop members!) to bring a 6 pack of their local-est, craft-est beer to put into the pool and replace with 6 different brews from around the world.

The Craft Beer Exchange was an even bigger hit in 2015, with hundreds of brews being exchanged, and we anticipate 2016 to be even bigger yet!

Please check out the Beer Exchange page for more details!